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Before Your Day of Surgery:


A nurse from Pre-Anesthesia Service will call to interview you and will determine the need for further testing. If you have not received a call at least 2 days before surgery

call: (313) 593-7411

Surgery at Beaumont Dearborn  Hospital:

The hospital will call you at the phone number we have on record the day before your surgery date between 9am-4pm to let you know what time to arrive the day of surgery. They will leave a message on your voicemail with a number to call if you miss their call.


1. The day after discharge you should remove

    your bandage and take a shower or bath.

  • Daily hygiene is important.

  • After bathing - keep the wound clean and dry.

2. You only need to replace the dressing if there is

    drainage from the wound.

3. If there is a strip of tape or "Steri-strip" directly on the 

    wound, leave it on for three days then start to

    peel it off when the bandage is wet during bathing.

4. You may eat a regular diet unless specifically directed

    by Dr. Siegel.

5. You may drive when you can safely move your legs.

6. Narcotic pain medication causes constipation.

    You may take Milk of Magnesia or Mineral Oil.

7. Your procedure may require that you engage in light

    activity with no heavy lifting (less than 20 lbs.).

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